Emily Fuhrman is the founder and designer of sage & ginger, LLC, a full service interior design firm based in New Canaan, Connecticut.

Emily's interest in design was seeded at an early age by her grandfather who ran a men's clothing company. He introduced her to textiles and taught her about artfully mixing colors, patterns and textures. But it wasn't until much later, in 2007, when Emily inherited her grandfather's vintage cloth collection that she decided to follow her passion and officially enter the world of design.

Emily started designing one-of-a-kind decorative pillows using her grandfather's fabrics. To make the pillows even more special, Emily embellished them with jewels she sourced from travel around the world. The pillows were popular among retailers and clients alike and very soon her followers began asking Emily to bring her design passion and creativity beyond just pillows to touch all aspects of their homes.

sage & ginger quickly evolved into the full service design firm it is today. Emily is recognized for creating beautiful, warm, welcoming spaces with a twist, or what some call, the spice. Sweet or savory, classic or nouvelle, it all depends on the client's palette. Emily works with her clients to understand their likes, dislikes, goals and needs. This foundation sets the stage for the design. Emily loves to add interest by layering textures, mixing finishes, blending old with new and incorporating graphic art and sculptural pieces. But it's really all about finding the right balance. The design has to work both functionally and aesthetically and embody the homeowner's persona.

Emily has a proven record of exceeding client's expectations. Before sage & ginger, she worked on Madison Avenue where for 12 years she managed a diverse array of high profile accounts including brands both iconic and niche. Emily was known for her collegial approach and her ability to understand each client's discrete needs and successfully translate them into creative strategies that inspired award-winning, brand-building advertising.

Emily graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a B.A. in Communications and Marketing. She lives in New Canaan, Connecticut with her husband Jeff and their daughters, Sage and Ginger…her spicy little muses.